Material processing

The industrial milling solution, covering multiple products and functions like crushing, conveying, milling, powder selecting, powder collecting, dust removing, packing and auto control etc., can process various materials with different sizes. Block, granule and powder of non-metal ores, metal ores and solid wastes and so on all can be ground into high quality of crude powder, fine powder and ultrafine powder which meet with the downstream production process demand. The powder fineness is selective from 80 meshes to 3000 meshes. Based on the customer's demand, the production line is possible to be designed and arranged scientifically to customize in all efforts the most valuable powdering process solution for the customer.


Casos de clientes


Línea de producción de polvo ultrafino de producción anual de 100.000 toneladas de ...

Línea de producción de material refractario con producción anual de 50000 toneladas...

Producción anual de 300.000 toneladas de piedra caliza para la planta de producción ...